Friday, May 18, 2012

St. Anne Center for Reproductive Health

I've been out of the blogs for awhile, so maybe this has already been discussed.  My husband heard this doctor on Gus Lloyd's show this morning.  I pray this good doctor is able to get his dream up and running soon!  For anyone in the Chicago area, you'll definitely want to check this out and help if/how you can!

There are some great resources on his website.  I would like to get him to Delaware to speak.  We have a couple of docs here tossing around the idea of getting NaPro certified!  Please keep that effort in prayer!


  1. Some of us in Chicago are working very closely with this doctor. And hoping that he will be able to open this center soon. I haven't met him personally yet but my best friend has met with him several times.

  2. Sunshine, great to hear! Best of luck...I pray it's up and running very soon!