Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finally - the vacation picture post!

Finally, a few shots from our trip to Indiana and Chicago!  Figured I better at least post them before I have more to post from Phoenix next week!

On Monday we visited the small local zoo.  Beth and her kids came up and met us!  Love blogger meet-ups!

Jack, M, and JP.  JP was not too into getting a photo!

Fighting over who gets their hand pecked by a giant emu.
On Tuesday we went down to Indy to meet a high school friend of mine and my cousin at a baseball game!

Massive cheese

Rolling down the hill, which the security nazi kept yelling at us for.  It's the LAWN seats!

Go Indians!
The next day we visited Great Grandma...

Then the climax of the week - the trip to the "big city!"

"Howdy Pard!" ~ Lego Woody

Lego Darth

That's a real background! Totally looks like a green screen!

Go Cubbies!

Future Chicago fireman?
Mastering the art of chopsticks.  He's a natural.

Lake view

View from the top of the Hancock Building


Top of the Navy Pier ferris wheel!
And finally, farm day!  I'm so honored that this was one of the top 5 days of M's life.  Although I'm not so naive as to think it was because she got to hang out with ME!  I think it had more to do with the little oinking creatures...

Some of the girls were a little shy...

...and some jumped right in!

But not to be outdone...

Ok, this is probaby pig #312387 that she held.  And yes...she's kissing it.

The piggy barn

Seriously...she was fearless

Grampa Farmer Lehe.  Also known to some of you as Representative Lehe!

Getting their tractor licenses.  They'll be haulin' beans by harvest.

He used to be able to stand upright in this.  *sad face*

Goat feeding

Blogger meet-up!  Megan, Beth, me, and Jenny!


  1. Totally forgot she KISSED the pig!!

  2. Hold the phone, you're going to be in Phoenix? You, me, Leila, and Danya should do a blogger meet-up!

  3. I want to meet you too! I love the pics. "Yeah" was my favorite! You are looking nice and pregnant by the way!!! And !

  4. WHAAATTTTT you're going to all get to meet up in Phoenix?! I want to go! haha

    LOVE the pictures :) :) I really wish I could have been there. Too bad I moved to NE instead of my husband moving to IN, right? ;)

  5. JoAnna, heck ya! I won't be in town till she's just about to leave, though… We must squeeze it in!! BLOG MEET-UP PHOTOS ARE THE BEST (esp. when I am in them, meeting rock stars!).

    Nicole, is that Denise's mom?? I love it!

  6. What a fun blogger meet up!!!! And I love all the pics...looks like you had a great time!

  7. Oh wow, it looks like you had so much fun! And how great is it to meet fellow bloggers? :)

  8. I love blogger meet-ups as well! You gals look so cute!!!! Megan and Nicole - awesome bumps! Beth and Jenny look beautiful as ALWAYS! I love visiting farms - they are so fun! I am glad you had a great time. When are you coming to the Twin Cities? A girl can dream, right? :)

  9. You are SO CUTE!!!!! Looks like y'all had so much fun!!! I LOVE the picture of "yeah". LOL!!! He cracks me up!

    And extra fun that y'all got to have a blogger meet-up!!! Y'all are too much fun! :)