Monday, February 18, 2008

Boiler Up!

I can hardly contain my excitement over Purdue's basketball season this year! The last couple of years have been rough. Last year, Coach Painter's first year, we went 9-19. The 2005-06 season was Gene Keady's final year, finishing up with a whopping 7-21 record. OUCH! But this year has been a 180 turn-around! We currently have more than 9 wins just in the Big Ten! The team is 12-1 and leading the Big Ten. They go to Bloomington tomorrow night to crush IU, which should, barring any natural disaster, guarantee us a Big Ten title. I don't want to get too conceited quite yet, but so far it can't get much better! The "Baby Boilers" are on a roll.

Boiler Up! Beat IU!