Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Score One for Chicago Pro-Lifers!

Now THIS makes me miss my old hometown!!!

A pro-life flash mob surprises a pro-abort rally at Daly Plaza in Chicago!  Just look at the difference in attitude and demographic between the two groups.  Which side is more joyful, compassionate, and loving?!?  Woot woot for the Windy City!!


  1. So great! I wasn't there but I did spot my girlfriend!

  2. SC, very cool!!! How close are you to the city? I lived in Lincoln Park for 5 years and worked about a block away from where that rally took place for a couple of years!

  3. We're about an hour northwest of the city, so not very close. And with the lovely traffic, you could call it 2 hours! I suspect that a large number of those in attendance may be part of a big homeschool network that we have here in the northwest suburbs. They're awesome!

  4. WOW. Happy tears. The balloons are perfect!

  5. Those yellow balloons look so happy!

    I'm glad "D" showed up to complete "glad."

    Those pro-choice people look like they are feeling gloomy and sad and without purpose.

    I bet if they walked over to the flash mob, somebody would've given them a happy yellow balloon.

  6. Nicole! You lived in Lincoln Park??? I lived in Lincoln Park for two years and Hyde Park for one year.

    Where did you live?? I lived in one apartment off of fullerton and southport (right by St. Josaphat church) and the other was just south of Webster on Halsted. We really liked LP, but I wasn't too sorry to move to Indy where it's soo much cheaper and easier to get places. :)

    I do miss living within walking distance of a Zoo though. :)

    Also, I noticed your comment that you're a boilermaker. My husband grew up in West Lafayette (his parents still live there), but he ended up going to law school at ND. Did you go to Purdue?

    Also, I love this video. I saw it when a friend (who was at the rally) posted it on Fbook.

  7. Lena - or a hug! :)

    Sarah - ok, it's time for email. I have a strong feeling we were neighbors at some point! What?!?!

  8. I love it! I want to get my yellow balloon and jumpt right it! I love the "orange you glad to see us"...that was excellent!

  9. I am in attorney in the south suburbs of Chicago and head to court at the Daley Center(bldg in background) a few times a year...

    I am also a bio mom of 6 who is hopefully adopting a child with special needs from Eastern Europe in the next 6 months or so...

    Looking forward to 40 days for life!

  10. Awesome!

    "My body, my choice!" If only they could let it sink in...the image of their little baby pleading, "What about my body, Mommy?"

    And what did they mean by "you don't care if women die" ? Pro-life means pro-life about everyone, not just the babies. Their statement didn't even make sense.