Monday, March 21, 2011

UPDATE on the baby - abortion scheduled for Wednesday! PRAYERS!!

***Update: Ultrasound at the pregnancy resource center is scheduled for 10am TOMORROW!  

Two posts in one day??  Well, this just came up...

If prayers were ever urgent, it's NOW!  The baby I asked you for prayers for here, is in even greater danger.  I just received a call from my friend letting me know the abortion is scheduled for Wednesday.  The girl says her "decision is final."

BUT - there's a glimmer of hope.  She did say she's willing to view an ultrasound (my friend persuaded her by saying she may not even need an abortion b/c she could have miscarried already, etc etc - hey, whatever works) if she can get a free on by tomorrow.

By God's grace, we called the pregnancy care center closest to her and they are able to get her an ultrasound first thing tomorrow morning!!!  PLEASE please pray that viewing her baby changes her mind!!  And that she doesn't change her mind about the ultrasound.  Please, God!!

I owe you all big time on this one.  THANK YOU!!!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, intercede for us!!!


  1. Praying! It's so sad that the baby's father has no input into whether his own child lives or dies. :( So sad.

  2. We are praying.. praying hard!

  3. Praying hard.That was quick thinking by your friend!

  4. Nicole, this is so bad- I can not believe this! I am praying for her and her baby!!

  5. Oh man. Offering up a current stressful family situation for this little one.

  6. Oh my goodness. Praying, praying, praying. Any chance you could email me her name? I was trying to explain the relation to J and it felt like a soap opera... My blogger friend's best friend's son's girlfriend... :) I'd love to pray for her by name.

  7. Hi!

    I have tears in my eyes from this post. Praying very hard for all involved.

    When I saw that you were personally asking Our Lady of Guadalupe I made the promise that I will personally go to the Basilica of Guadalupe in thanks if this baby is saved tomorrow.

    I promise you this.

    I also sent a prayer request to my friends and this intention will be prayed in a Rosary here tonight. So please tell this grandmother we are with her from the land of Guadalupe. She is our Mother and never lets us down.

    Here is the English link to ask for petitions directly at the Basilica of you wish to send it to your contacts.

    These are placed at her feet everyday at 9 a.m mass and prayed over then. Its in English so you can share it:

  8. Leaving for Adoration in a few minutes, decided to check a few blogs quickly -
    Will be begging our Lord to change her heart!!