Friday, March 18, 2011


Tell me why, again, we don't live in Indiana?

It's certainly not hindering his indoctrination.  It's March Madness!  BOILER UP!!

(Just wanted to quickly update everyone from my last post.  The son was able to talk to the pregnant girlfriend and it seems he got through to her a bit.  Then she went to break the news to her mom and sister.  I understand she doesn't have the healthiest family life and the dad's not in the picture.  No real update yet.  Still just praying the mom doesn't encourage abortion.  I'll definitely keep you all updated.  I can't thank you enough for all your prayers!!!!  You ladies are amazing!)


  1. Soooo cute!!!

    Also, I am so happy there is hope in that sad situation. Man, that boy has learned a hard lesson, hasn't he?

  2. SO CUTE! Boiler up! I'm not a Colts fan though ;) GO BEARS :) haha!

    Thank you for the update- I am so glad that boy is standing up for his unborn child! So many men don't do that!

  3. I love that boy!!! Did I tell you my dad works at Purdue?
    I hope you move back someday. Oh and Mary is CRAZY!

  4. Gotta back Mary up here...GO BEARS!

    BUT, your son is the cutest little Colts fan ever :)

    And keeping that situation in our prayers still. Hopeful for the BEST outcome :)

  5. I love the hat and the cheeks! My husband is a Colts fan. Thanks for the update. That girl must be so confused.

  6. Oh my gosh, so cute!!!!!!

    I am so glad to hear the update. It never ceases to amaze me how many mothers try to convince their own daughters to abort?

  7. He is adorable!! Glad to hear the update. I will keep praying for the safety for that child.

    Also, I can not wait to hear the update from Saturday...did he come??