Friday, May 21, 2010

How education SHOULD work

Check out this amazingly inspirational story from a network of Catholic (private) schools across the country. Not only is this some positive news coming out of a Church that is suffering from scandal and criticism right now, but it's also an example of how an educational system can work effectively without all the government bureaucracy interference. When you combine real education like science, reading and math with real-life lessons like hard work and determination, you get 100% graduation and college attendance rates.

And most of the kids who go to these schools are from poor minority households - kids who would have gotten lost in the public school system and left behind. Plus, the schools aren't plucking the best, smartest, highest-achieving kids from the public school system. They deliberately choose the kids in the middle of the pack. It's just such a wonderfully positive story. I wish we could see more of this around the country.

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