Friday, May 21, 2010

AZ Gettin' Tough!

I LOVE this story! For the record, I completely support AZ's immigration law. I don't believe it will result in racial profiling...the law prohibits it. I do believe it simply reiterates the federal laws that are on the books. All you have to do to is carry your driver's license around - you have to do that anyway!! Unfortunately the Feds aren't doing their jobs, despite Jan Brewer's pleas for help. Arizonans are getting hurt and killed by illegal immigrants and states have a right and duty to protect their citizens.

Unfortunately many people, institutions, and cities who aren't on the illegal immigration front lines as Arizona is, think they know better than Arizona. One such city is Los Angeles, which has threatened to boycott some of Arizona's industries. Too bad for LA that Arizona supplies 25% of the city's electricity!! Gary Pierce, AZ Corporation Commissioner has written a letter to the mayor of LA threatening a "boycott" of his own - he'll cut power to LA if they follow through with the economic boycott! I love it when people get tough!

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