Friday, April 9, 2010

What I'm wearing to my cousin's wedding

It took me FOREVER to find a dress to my cousin's wedding in June. And I'm not even IN IT! Well, I'm doing a reading, but not actually in the wedding party. I found one I adored on, but when they sent it to me, it was only 4 sizes too small (I ordered the right size - they sent me the wrong one)! And since they're in the business of liquidation, by the time I tried to order the right size, they were out. I always say, everything happens for a reason! After much more searching, I finally went to Amazon. I hadn't tried them before because I've looked for clothes there before and was never impressed. I order EVERYTHING else from there, but their clothes selection was never impressive before. Well, apparently, they've fixed that glitch! I found tons of dresses I really loved and finally settled on this one. I wasn't sure about the style because I'm "hippy" (as in large in the hip area, not as in "flower power-dreadlock-Bob Dylan-Woodstock"). But when I got it & tried it on, it actually looks pretty good! And it's got some stretch so I think it will work for the whole night. So what do you think? Cute? Methinks.

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