Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Black Hole

I NEED HELP!!! I have a landscaping black hole along the sidewalk leading up to our front door. The area has been sitting bare (well, it does have ancient, rotting mulch inside) since we moved in. I set out this baker's rack as a temporary fix last season. It does look really cute when I have flowers planted in the small pots, and in large pots arranged on the ground surrounding it. But as you can see, compared to the area, it looks really small and doesn't cover enough space. And I'd like to put something more permanent in there. A landscaper friend suggested using a bunch of various-sized pots and using it as a potted garden. But I would like something planted in the ground. Here's the catch: I don't know if that's possible because the area gets very little sunlight and is covered by an overhang, which means very little water as well. So...I'm at a loss. Several people have suggested hostas, but I'd like some variety. I was also thinking that planting shrubbery & plants that grow in dry, shaded areas would be good, but I have a black thumb and don't know anything about it. Maybe some climbers that could grow up the wall there?? Ugh...I don't know! Any suggestions?? HELP!!! (Please ignore the prehistoric round shrubs and azaleas. That's a topic for another post.)

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