Saturday, April 10, 2010

La Casa de Ave

Ok, so I'm showing off a little Spanish. Actually, my Spanish is SO rusty that I had to use an online translator for the word "bird." There. Now you know. I cannot tell a lie.

My husband and son built this amazing birdhouse today. So it may not look amazing to certain professional carpenters, but it was their first woodworking project and I thought it was fantastic! However, tt wasn't as easy as it might look. My husband used some old, moldy wood from the basement that had no other use but to be otherwise taken to the dump and it split down the middle during assembly. But with a little wood glue and caulk, it turned out pretty nice! I should have taken a photo of it, but the side swings open to remove old nests. I also should have taken a picture of the self-portrait Jack drew of himself so the birdies would have something lovely to look at. Now they'll never be bored. It will be like AvianTV. Birds today are SO 2010.

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