Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Mailbox Surround

As it gets warmer, I've been doing some projects outside around the house. I thought the mailbox could use some sprucing up. So I did this:

I think it's kind of cute. The little border was pre-fabricated and I got 2 of them at around $7/piece. And they're malleable so I was able to curve it around the space! And yes, I realize there's only one little tiny bush in the area. That's because I had planned to transplant some of the I-don't-know-exactly-what-they-are from my backyard to the mailbox. Well...long story short, that didn't work. So now I want to go back to Lowe's or Home Depot and get a couple of more small bushes. Something hardy to cold weather, low maintenance, and easy to plant. Any suggestions? Perhaps a couple of low, flowering bushes? This one is supposed to get about 3x3 ft, so something that complements that and won't overgrow it. I'm game for advice!

Thanks in advance!

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