Thursday, March 25, 2010

What happens when parents' rights are usurped for the inalienable "right to choose"

If you're a parent, especially of a teenage daughter, this article should absolutely infuriate you. A high school in the Seattle area arranged for and transported a teenage girl to have an abortion WITHOUT HER PARENTS' KNOWLEDGE!! Perhaps it's not all that surprising to you in 2010, but it should still infuriate you! This is exactly the goal of the pro-abort movement. They want to usurp parental rights for an absolute "right to choose." They believe a teen, even pre-teen, young girl's right to choose to kill her unborn child is paramount to her parents' knowledge, support, and direction. Because if the parents aren't in control - guess who is? The school and the school's environment. And guess who is penetrating school environment more and more every day? PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

This is no joke, folks. A DRTL member attended a focus group in January held by Planned Parenthood AND the State of Delaware (which, in itself is scary, that they're working together). But scarier still is what came out of the meeting. Here are his notes:

We were all given "resource packets" from PP. I will provide more details later but for now here are some of the things we have to look forward to in a parent mini-course.

According to PP:

By age five your child should:

Know that touching yourself for pleasure is normal,
That a woman does not have to have a baby unless she wants to,

Ages 5 - 7:
Should know that people experience sexual pleasure in a number of ways,
Should know that sexual identity includes sexual orientation - lesbian, gay, strait, or bisexual.

Ages 8 - 12:

Should know that sex is pleasurable, not only a way to have a baby,
Should know how to protect against sexualy transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy
Should know what abortion is,
Should know about contraceptive methods,
Should know that a woman does not need to have sex to get pregnant,
Should know that no one has to become a parent,
Should know that contraceptive options are available including emergency contraception,
Should know how to get contraceptives,
Should be able to talk about how pregnancy can be avoided
Should be able to name a variety of contraceptives

Again - this is not a joke! This is the content that PP is pushing onto public schools. And with all the funding they receive from this federal government - especially now via the "healthcare" bill - they should have no problem passing through the doors. And we wonder why teenage pregnancy rates are so high???

Please, please, please know what your children are learning in "health" classes at school. KNOW what they're being told and given in the nurse's office. KNOW what's happening in the health clinic. Because clearly, when it comes to learning about sex in school, its not just the other students we have to worry about.

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