Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Who's Side Are They On?

Democrats in Congress are currently fighting a bill by Rep. Peter King to protect anyone who reports suspicious terrorist-like behavior from being sued as "racist." Thanks to suits by the flying imams, anyone who attempts to report such behavior is subject not just to carrying the label of "racist," but apparently also to getting their pants sued off of them. Ridiculous.

"Instead they seek damages for their 'fear, anxiety to fly, humiliation, embarrassment, mental pain, suffering, inconvenience and financial injury.'" I'm sorry, aren't those a lot of what WE suffered thanks to Muslim terrorists after 9/11?

Why are Democrats objecting to this bill? To me, there is a line between being compassionate (which is what Democrats think they're doing...either that or they're desperate for votes) and completely abandoning national security (what they're actually doing).

Read more here. Rich Lowry has a good take.

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