Friday, July 20, 2007

Strollers I'm Loving

I've become a stroller snob. Which is unfortunate because with doing a lot of updating to our house, I totally can't afford the sweet rides. But here are some that I'm loving right now:

Rock Star Baby Candy I actually do have the red. It's great!
Dreamer Design Park Avenue I have the Rebound Jogger. Not great, but this one looks swanky.
Joovy Caboose I might have to get this when #2 comes along.
InStep Ultra Runner KA291For an inexpensive double jogger, this one looks nice. But I've never tried it.
Kidz Kargo Discovera Never heard of this brand before, but found it in a search. Looks convenient b/c the back seat is suitable from birth. With most joggers, the baby has to be 6 months to sit in it.

If anyone has any info on any of these and/or has tried them, please post a comment!

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