Friday, July 20, 2007

What's "Fair" About This?

The attempt to reinstate the fairness doctrine is currently being debated in the Senate. It focuses only on talk radio because talk radio leans dominantly to the right. But because we live in the age of the Internet, we have to desperately try NOT to get both sides of any story. It is ironic, for lack of a better term, that Senate Democrats only want to enforce the Fairness Doctrine upon talk radio...not newspapers and television media, which both lean highly to the left (though they will never admit that). Is that really "fair?" Or is it a flashback to the police state of the USSR, not in line with the first amendment to our Constitution? And, by the way, who is going to be the "fairness arbiter?" Even a scarier thought. Are you ready for the government to be deciding what we can and cannot listen to? And if you're disagreeing with me right now, just think...what if George Bush was the moral authority on who you could listen to and what they could say. Works both ways. Think about it.

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