Sunday, July 22, 2007

Free, All-Natural Stress Relief

How many times have you had a massage to relieve some form of stress, only to walk out of the massage parlor to the stress you just paid to get rid of?! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a good massage. But they're too expensive and time-consuming for the everyday mom to have on a regular basis. Plus, I always feel relaxed for the hour I'm there, but as soon as I leave the building I'm tense again. The effects are not very long-lasting. Fortunately, there is a completely free, all natural stress relief that everyone can benefit from. It's called prayer! Talking to God not only relaxes me, but putting all of my worries into His hands makes me realize that as careful and worrisome as I may be, it's all up to Him in the end anyway (talk about a monkey off my back)! :) So try it. You may realize you have a lot to get off your chest after all!

Happy Sunday!

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