Monday, February 14, 2011

I Propose a Pilgrimage!

Ok bloggies!  As you might have seen in my last post, on Saturday I visited the St. Gianna Shrine in Warminster, PA.  I've been meaning to go for months, but I guess since it's an hour & a half drive I just kept putting it off.  But because my surgery is on Tuesday, I made the effort Saturday.  And THANK GOD I did!  It was wonderful!  I feel so peaceful about my surgery, knowing Gianna will be interceding for me.  I also stayed for 5:00 mass.  It was a powerful mass, receiving the sacrament in the true presence of a saint.

I know some of you have been there before and some of you know the Society ladies.  I spoke to Kim, who was so fantastic and was great to get to know her and her story.

I also came back with some third-class relics!!  I have a medal and some prayer cards I was fortunate enough to touch to St. Gianna's glove!  (I have about 5 so if anyone wants one, please let me know and I can mail one to you.  First come, first served!)

When I announced I was visiting the shrine, a couple of bloggers suggested going back on St. Gianna's feast day - April 28th.  They have a feast day mass every year.  Last year St. Gianna's son spoke, and Kim told me they hope to have her daughter in attendance this year!!  I got chills when she told me!

Sooo...who's up for a pilgrimage?  I know some of you live nearby.  But all are invited!  April 28th is a Thursday this year...right after Easter.  Again, I live 1.5 hrs away, but my house is open to all if you're up for the trip!  If you're interested, I can give you travel details.

Let me know in the comments.  I'm not sure if we need to schedule a pilgrimage since the feast day is a whole event.  But I will get in touch with the society and find out more details once I know there is interest!  (Or if any of you know, please send me the details!)


  1. That's a great idea! I'm too far away but I love that you are doing this. You'll be in my prayers tomorrow.

  2. I'm too far away too, but SO AWESOME that you're pulling bloggers together to go!

  3. Everytime I have gone on a pilmgrimage MAJOR blessings have followed. Great idea.

    Our uncle regained his ability to walk after our family went on a pilgrimage to the Shrine of St. Anne in Canada.

    God is Good!

  4. Nicole!!! I think I saw you there on Saturday. I got there as soon as the relic arrived- 3:30pm. Prayed for a awhile and then went to the Blessed Mother statue to pray more. As I was leaving, I think I saw you- were you in the last row (in the center) talking to a yound blonde woman?? I did not want to interrupt- and heck, maybe it was not even you. I want to thank you for suggesting this. I would have never gone if it wasnt for your blog post. I also got the medals and prayer cards! It was very powerful!!

    I am up for the pilgrimage for
    4.28th! Heck, I would love to meet fellow bloggers as well!

  5. I would love to come if it wasn't so far away :( I only have 2 vacay days left and 3 + months to go!!

  6. JACQUI!!! I saw your name on the guest list and for a split second thought, "Maybe it's her!" but didn't know your last name and thought it would have been too good to be true! It WAS me in the last row and I SOOO wish you would have interrupted! Send me an email...maybe we can plan to go again soon and meet up!

    Beth - Um...YES! Please do! :)

    Everyone else - you're NOT too far away and you have a free place to stay! Make it work! ;)

  7. SO awesome!!! I don't know if I could go - financially/distance-wise - but I'd at least be interested in hearing about the plans :)

    I may need to email you about a prayer card... :) :) :) can I please put my name down now?

  8. I would love to go! Not sure how far away it is from us...maybe 8 hours, so it might be too expensive for me to make it.
    I will see what happens!

  9. Oh my I would love to go! not sure if I will be able to make it or not, it is a little far to drive, but not impossible.

  10. Hi!

    Can you please pray for me? I cannot go since I live so far away. (in another country) but St Gianna has been with us since the beginning of our IF journey.

    Actually we did not know her or that it was her day , but we got married on her feast day, April 28th and I am sure it was for a reason.

    She is an amazing intercessor! You are so blessed to be able to be there.

    Maybe I am too late but do you still have the cards? =)

  11. I do still have some cards! Send me an email with your address and I'll send you one. Thanks for reading!!!