Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Apple for my Birthday

Ok, so not just any apple...the BIG one!  Hubby got us bus tickets for a day trip to NY for my birthday!  We were all supposed to go back in December but Jack got sick so we didn't get to go.  So he made it up to us!  Jack was so excited to go to "the big city!"  We were there for TEN hours in the spitting rain and cold, and he was such a little trooper!  We took a lightweight stroller, but ended up just dragging it around most of the day.  The kid (4 years old, mind you) walked the entire day except maybe...20 minutes?  He did better than I did!  I'm still tired!

We started down on the southeast end of Manhattan to get doughnuts at Doughnut Plant in the Lower East Side.  I had heard the doughnuts were amazing, but it was a couple mile walk in the rain.  By the time we got there, we were thinking that these stupid doughnuts better be other-worldly to justify that walk.  Well, they delivered!  We're not talking Dunkin here.  They were obscenely good.  Highly recommend.

On the way down, we strolled through the Union Square Market.  I really wish we could have hit that later in the day so that I could have actually bought stuff.  But I didn't want to carry it around all day!  It was so fun.  Lots of homemade bread, homegrown fruits & vegetables, jarred food, etc.  Luckily there was a DSW nearby because my feet were already soaked and I had to stop for some rain boots!

We then made our way to Chinatown & Little Italy where we ate lunch.  Little Italy is my favorite spot in NYC.  It's so cozy with blocks and blocks of fantastic restaurants and cheap, knock-off shopping.

Mmmm... "bascetti!"
After lunch we headed northbound to FAO Schwartz for a look around.  Then we headed over to the Lego Store, which Jack still talks about as his favorite place in the "big city!"  That's ALL he was looking forward to.  In fact, we left the Lego store around 4:30pm and Jack said, "I want to go home now."  Unfortunately our bus didn't leave until 8:30!

We headed over to St. Patrick's Cathedral for 5:30 mass.  This was my favorite part of the day!  I've been to mass there before, but this time with my family, and getting to spend some quality time there without being rushed, was amazing!  We took some time to walk around and take photos after mass.  There's so much to see...someday I want to go on a guided tour just to know what all of the intricacies mean.

St. Patrick's altar

St. Paddy himself!

St. Michael - it was only after I took the photo that
I learned I was in a "no photo" section.  Oops.

The Pieta (not the real one! :)

I was not expecting a shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe!
A wonderful surprise!

St. Therese
Relic of St. Therese
THIS is what I was most excited about!  St. Rose of Lima!  My 2011 patron saint!
I said a few prayers to her!

St. John the Evangelist
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
St. Anthony of Padua
After dinner, we headed over to Times Square to see the fantasticness that is 42nd & 7th.  Jack was dying to go into the M&M (or as he says, "nem-nem") store.  So we made a quick pit-stop on the way back to the bus.

I swear - the outfits weren't planned.
Unfortunately because of the rain I didn't get to take too many photos outside, so this is all you get for now.  But NYC is just a short bus ride away so if anyone wants to come visit, I'll take you up!  :)

It may seem like we didn't do a whole lot, but there was a lot of walking involved!  We spent a lot of time in cafes and restaurants just to escape the cold & rain.  Of course the next day was warm and sunny.  Had it been like that, we would have spent a lot of time in Central Park.  *Sigh*  Next time...

On the bus ride home we asked Jack what his favorite part of the day was.  He easily answered, "The Lego Store."  Then we asked what his least favorite part was.  After a little thinking, he answer, "Church."  Uh oh.  Apparently we have some work to do.


  1. My little guy dislikes Church too... I think its normal at this age!
    Looks like you had a GREAT trip, the Church is so beautiful!
    Peace Jess

  2. What a great trip! The church is GORGEOUS!!! And I think it's normal too for a little boy to be bored with church. He'll come around, especially with such an awesome momma to teach him!

  3. What a fabulous trip!! That's a good kind of Apple!

  4. Lol!

    We LOVE NYC. And I prayed for a child in St. Patricks Cathedral before. I love going to mass there. Actually we asked for Our Lady of Guadelupe's intercession :)

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  6. Love NYC...one of my favorite places and what a great hub for getting you bus tix for your bday! St. Patrick's is beautiful and the M&M store looks really neat. So glad you had a great day!