Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On a Roller Coaster & HSG is official!

I'm on an emotional roller coaster today!  As you know, last week was really intense getting ready for the March for Life with tons of events & activities.  Monday was the March and it's always a major high to go there and witness for life.  And it's especially great to be reminded that we're not alone!  The number of young people there is so encouraging!  Then, of course, I got to meet one of my pro-life heroes!  It was a terrific day & I still need to post more pictures!

Of course all of the exhilarating March activities were tarnished by the horrifying news from Philadelphia.  So yesterday my organization all met up to discuss our next steps, since this abortionist used to practice in Delaware.  We decided we needed to hold a press conference and urge the Attorney General to investigate the clinic where he worked.  So...that's tomorrow and it's just a *tad* stressful to put it together so quickly!  So I'm dealing with that.

Back to the other hand again -- I FINALLY GOT MY HSG SCHEDULED!!!  Let me tell you, this has been a source of stress lately.  I was supposed to call on CD1 and have the procedure scheduled between CD7-10.  Of course CD1 was a Saturday so I had to wait till CD3 to even get in touch with someone.  Long story short, I had to go through a run-around of people not answering phones or calling me back while my window of opportunity kept getting smaller.  Not to mention that two of the available procedure days were over the weekend so that made it even smaller!!!

But I finally got through and it's on the books.  I'm SOOOOO excited to finally have this procedure done!!  I'll be having it Friday morning, so prayers are much appreciated.  Obviously I don't want anything to be wrong with me, but if there is, at least that means we've identified a problem and can hopefully fix it - and move forward!!  After FOUR years of relatively no progress, I finally have a glimmer of hope!!

THANKS so much for all of your prayers, support, and encouragement lately!  You ladies are awesome - I wish I'd have found you sooner!  :)


  1. I am so glad you are scheduled! Woo hoo!

  2. I'll second that woo hoo!!! I will be praying for you!! It is the feast of St. Thomas Acquinas and will ask him to intercede as well!

  3. Wow on going forward with the press conference (good for you!) and I am so happy your HSG is set up! I will be praying for you!!

  4. Yeah! Take tylenol before. Its over fast.

  5. Yes! I'm so glad to see some progress for you. And yes, take some Motrin beforehand. I've heard they're a bit painful. But worth it!