Monday, January 24, 2011

My idea of a celebrity

...looks an awful lot like this woman:

Yes, this is the beautiful, amazing, pro-life champion, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann!  I was so lucky to have run into her in the halls of Congress today!  In fact, I didn't even see her at first.  We were just walking out of Mike Pence's office (because I'm originally from Indiana) and she saw us and asked if we were in town for the March.  I turned around, noticed who made the comment, and my knees went weak!  No literally, I just. about. lost it.  I might as well have been 14 years old and backstage at a Taylor Swift concert.  I so wish my husband had been on the other side of me to see if I looked as pathetic as I feel like I did!  As though we were old friends, I reached my arms out to give her a big bear hug.  God bless her, she hugged me right back!  She even knelt down to say hi to Jack and asked him how his day was going!  She was beyond kind and even humble - a virtue so lacking in our nation's capital.

See, I've never been one to get starstruck by celebrities.  In fact, I don't necessarily consider celebrity to be the same as what society considers to be celebrity.  I don't think people should be revered simply for looking beautiful or for using their talents (or lack thereof) to corrupt our culture.  Personally, I "celebritize" (Blogger is telling me I just made up a word) people with brains who use their talents to forward the common good.  People who choose to make a real difference, especially if it's unpopular with the "cool kids" (as opposed to jumping onto the latest trendy bandwagon Hollywood cause).

And this woman sets the bar.  She is an unflinching advocate for the unborn.  She is a successful attorney from Minnesota, has 5 kids, and she and her husband have fostered TWENTY-THREE children!!  (Where on earth she finds the time, I'll never understand.)  And she is one of the leading pro-life advocates on Capitol Hill.  She has been one of my heroes for several years.  I have so much respect for her.  It was a thrill getting to meet her!

That was certainly the highlight of my day, but I have plenty more pictures to share.  But it's been a long day, so more tomorrow!

PS: Please note that no, I do not weigh 300 pounds.  It was a high of 23 degrees today so I was ultra-layered!  Which also means I was not wearing my most flattering pants!  :)


  1. It's amazing who we orthodox Catholics consider worthy of our admiration - and quite the opposite of who everyone else does! She fights for life AND fosters - she's a star in my book too. Go girls!!!!

  2. How fun! And I did NOT think you looked like you weighed 300 pounds! My first thought when I saw the picture was, "Wow- she's even more gorgeous than I'd thought!"

  3. Wow Nicole! How Awesome!
    and, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who uses a leash with her kids ;) we have the same monkey! M calls it "buckle monkey."

  4. She is AWESOME!!!! Love her! When she called people to come to DC November 2009 to fight the health care bill, I listened and went! We just love her!

  5. Lisa, I'm going to humbly assume you're talking about Mrs. Bachmann!! :)

    Beth - seriously - the kid leash is the best invention EVER! I got it since we have to travel a lot and back when he used to wander aimlessly, airports scared me. But it's still awesome for events like these where there are massive amounts of people. I LOVE IT!!

  6. WOW...I just saw this...I love
    M. B.!! How cool that you got to meet her!