Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My backyard and 2011 Patron Saint

This is my backyard.  And I LOVE it!  Jack's not at school today so we'll be going out sledding later!  I'm such a winter nerd!

I love Jen's suggestion of randomly generating a Patron Saint for 2011.  So I stole it!  :) 

My Patron Saint for 2011 is..............................St. Rose of Lima

My chin almost hit the floor when her name popped up on my screen because my husband and I always said if we have a girl we will name her ROSE!  Is it a sign???  I don't want to get TOO optimistic, so for now we'll just say it's a crazy coincidence!!


  1. I am a winter nerd too!! And I love St. Rose. We ask for to intercede for us every night when we pray together - my DH and I. We named our 2nd baby lost to miscarriage Rose and I have felt connected to that saint ever since then. She is awesome...what a GREAT saint that picked you for 2011!

  2. Hey there :)
    I came across your blog via Sew's..
    I have second infertility with a 4yrs old son as well.. Im also very Catholic and prolife!
    If you ever want to chat, my email is
    ps- I did have a blog, but taking a break from it.

  3. JBtC- I hoped you would see that! What an amazing connection! And yes- N- I'm full of hope!!!

  4. JBTC - thanks so much for sharing your story of Rose! That is so inspiring. I'm certainly going to make her part of my daily routine.

    Jess - thanks for stopping by! Would love to chat. I'll drop you an email.

    Lauren - thank you for all of your kind words, here and on my holiday post. I am utterly beyond blessed to have found you women!!! I can't say it enough!!!

  5. How much did you get? i live just outside of Phila. and got 6 inches.

  6. Hi Joy...saw your pics! We probably got about 4 inches. We're about an hour south of PHL!

  7. Love the pics of the backyard. I love the snow! I think i'ts very exciting that you got St. Rose picked for you. :)

  8. I hope you had fun sledding with your little man! Love all the snow (jealous!)

  9. Ahhhh the white fluffy stuff - haven't seen it in years. It's beautiful. May St. Rose interceed for you in wonderful ways this year! Blessings!