Sunday, October 28, 2007

Since When Did the Minority Become the Majority?

I don't know about you, but I was always under the assumption that "majority" referred to the number larger than half of the total. And that in America, majority ruled, which is how representatives win elections by constituents as well as how their representatives win bills in Congress. But lately it sickens me how one person pretends to be "offended" by someone else's action (the other million people in the room have no complaint) but the one person's offense results in banishment of the behavior. Recently, one person (ONE) at a military burial in California was offended by the words "the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob" during the flag-folding ceremony. Of course, now the recitation of this line is forbidden at any cemetery across the nation that is run by the National Cemetery Association. At least the families can still say it if they so choose (how big of the ruling) but it cannot be said by an employee of the cemetery.

A spokesman for the California Defense of Veterans Memorials Project says:

"It’s outrageous,” he says bluntly. “These are decisions that should be made by the families of our deceased veteran comrades and not by Washington bureaucrats — and most certainly not by any narcissistic, disaffected, offended atheist, agnostic, or any other [person] who is upset or offended by the word ‘God’ or a religious symbol which might offend his delicate sensibilities.”

Lloyd vows that even if there are “a hundred-million offended atheists,” he and other American Legionnaires will stand against the ban.

“We will defy this ban, pure and simple,” he states. “If the families ask us to recite the flag-folding ceremony, we will abide by the wishes of the family — not [by the wishes of] some bureaucrat sitting in an air-conditioned office in Washington, DC, or some lawyer wearing a diaper back there whose main mission in life is to protect his own behind instead of standing up for the American people and saying enough is enough."

Good for him. I hope they do defy the ban every chance they get. This is an absurd ruling.

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