Monday, October 15, 2007

"Concert of Hope"

This past Saturday I had the privelege of seeing Eric Genuis in concert as a benefit for Delaware Right to Life. Genuis is a fantastic classical concert pianist who stopped doing secular concerts (a realm in which he was doing quite well) in order to use his musical talents to spread the message of life. He has a 3-year-old daughter with Down's Syndrome and talks a lot about the effects of music on our culture. He performed with violinist Eric Wuest who is absolutely fabulous as well. In fact, Wuest will be performing four concerts with Andrea Bocelli later this year! If you have a chance, check out his website and listen to some of his pieces. He is very inspiring. Especially see him in concert if you have the chance.

His most powerful testimony came after the concert at a small reception following the concert. He said the moment he knew he had to stop performing secular concerts was when he was talking to a man on a plane on the way to a show. The man told him he was about to have his first child. Eric told him congratulations and told him about his 4 children, including the baby with Down's. The man held up his hand and said, "That's great if you can handle something like that." Eric's first thought was, "Handle it? She's was God gave us!" The man proceeded to ask Eric if he thought it was merciful to bring a child into the world with a problem like Down's. Eric was shocked to think that is where we are in our culture - it's more merciful to kill an unborn child on the off chance she may not be "perfect." This is a slippery slope. Does that mean it is more merciful to kill everyone who currently exists on this Earth with Down's (or ANY other "imperfect" condition)? And if so, who will be the arbiter of perfection? Will it be the government? Scientists? Corporations? Can you imagine? Think of the impact of abortion in a grand scheme. The killing will never end until abortion does.

I urge you to check out some of Genuis' works. He really is amazing!

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