Monday, October 3, 2011

Prayer Buddy Reveal

Better late than never, my summer prayer reveal!!  Over the past few months I've been praying for BRENDA at Life as We Know It!  I've loved getting to know Brenda through her blog and read about her wonderful family!  I certainly hope she and I will keep in touch!

I also found out that I have been prayed for by Jen at Crowley Coupledom!  I can't express how much Jen's prayers have meant to me throughout these months and this roller coaster pregnancy!  I felt those prayers, Jen!


  1. So wonderful to have been praying for you this go around! It's been beautiful following your blog and uniting with you and yours in prayer. God bless!

  2. thanks, beth! and thanks to you too, nicole! I'm trying to catch up on your blog!