Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Me & Shawn. We go way back.

Phew!  So glad last night is over, but what an AMAZING night!!!  It was DE Right to Life's annual banquet.  We had several guests/presenters and it was fabulous!

First we had music from a local singer/songwriter, Caitlin Jane.  This girl is so dang beautiful and makes the most beautiful music!  Please check her out and order her new CD!  If nothing else, AT LEAST watch this video.  Dare ya not to cry.  (I'm featured in an interview on the DVD that's coming out soon!  Can't wait!)


Next was Special Guest speaker, Miss Delaware 2011, Maria Cahill!  She's a brilliant and convicted 20-year-old woman who's not afraid to stand up for life!  She's the 2nd of 7 kids from a devoutly Catholic family.  She spoke at our Women's Conference earlier this spring and when the video of her talk went viral, she suffered a LOT of backlash for it.  "Beauty queens shouldn't be talking about such controversial topics, etc etc."  The usual.  She hadn't even competed in the Miss Delaware competition yet, but she wasn't going to be silenced (and obviously it didn't hurt her chances at winning!!).  She's still offering her services to us at any event she can be of help.  Root for Miss Delaware in the Miss America pageant in January!

I hesitated to post a picture of my 8-month-pregnant-self next to a beauty queen, but I'm working on humility.  Figured there wasn't a better lesson than this.  Ugh.

Then, the coup de grace - our keynote speaker, Shawn Carney!  O. M. G.  You guys, I had heard that he's an amazing speaker, but I was NOT prepared for this!!!  If any of  you work with a pro-life organization of any kind....HIRE this man for your next event!!!  I wish we'd been able to record his talk, but it didn't work out.  All I can say is that I've had more compliments on our event in the last 12 hours than I think I've had combined in the last 3 years I've been president!!!  Here we are...old buddies!  :)

Somehow I look way better in the pic next to a dude than next to a 20 year old beauty queen.  Odd.

Funny sidenote: dude is YOUNG!!  He walked up to us in the hotel lobby and there were only 3 of us there at the time (we were setting up).  I was the oldest at 33, the banquet coordinator is 32, and the other board member there with us is 20.  He goes, "Wow, y'all are young!"  We just kind of looked at him like, "Ummmm...look in a mirror much??"  He says, "What?  I'm gonna be 30 this year!"  Yeah.  Like we said.  Anyway, he's accomplished so much at such a young age.  And he's got the greatest personality and sense of humor.  It was such a fun evening!

Now on the docket for today - a giant nap!


  1. You know, if not for the crown, I'd have a hard time telling who was supposed to be Miss Maryland. :) You look gorgeous!

  2. awesome! I LOVE the song (shared on FB), love the story of Miss Deleware, and lol at your comments - you look beautiful! I have never heard Shawn talk but will definitely pass on his name for our CPC banquet. I get his emails regularly. LOVE that your crew is all youngins. :)

  3. I agree with JoAnna, but the sentence made me laugh! "I hesitated to post a picture of my 8-month-pregnant-self next to a beauty queen, but I'm working on humility." You're so funny. AND beautiful!

    I'm so glad you had such an amazing speaker!!! I went to school at A&M and loved the book unplanned. His wife, Marilisa, and I were involved at the Catholic student center together. I'd love an opportunity to hear him speak!

  4. Yay! Wish I could have gone! P. S. You look fabulous!

  5. woo hoo so cute! the event sounds AMAZING! and you crack me up :)

  6. WOW, what an event that was! I love that song, definitely need to re-post it! You look gorgeous of course. You probably had to work your butt off for that event! When are you gonna take it easy??!!!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful evening. You look beautiful! And that song is amazing. I just heard of her today via FB. I can't wait to hear her other songs.