Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two Exciting Things Happened Today!

First, I had my 20 week ultrasound this morning.  I was a little nervous because it was a follow-up from my 16 week to check on my previa and to do a Level 2 u/s, which just takes a lot more measurements.  She took close to 100 pictures!  Took forever.  Luckily everything was a-ok with Baby C, and the tech told me my previa had moved and was out of the way!  But...then the doc came in and double checked.  I had gone to the restroom before she came in and apparently when I emptied my bladder, it turned out my previa had not moved as much as they thought.  But the doc did say that it moved a bit (just not totally), and is confident it will be out of the way by my next u/s, in 4 weeks.  It's supposed to be 2cm away and it's 1.72cm.  Phew!  My OB had also said that previa can affect the growth of the baby, but the u/s doc assured me that that isn't the kind of previa I have.  Well, she said it in far more technical terms than that, but I was relieved!  At worst now, I'll have to have a C-section.  Which isn't preferable, but after the way the first few weeks of this pregnancy started, if this is the worst that can happen, I'll take it.  Thanks so much for all your prayers.

Secondly, I'm thrilled at today's news that Archbishop Chaput has been name Archbishop of Philadelphia!  Bishop Chaput has, for several years, been one of my pro-life heroes.  I can't believe he'll be just up the road from me!  (Of course, I wish he was coming to the Diocese of Wilmington.  A girl can dream, right?)  I commented to my husband today that we'll have to make a trip up to see him say mass sometime.

While on the elliptical machine at the gym today, I was reading the captioning of Archbishop Rigali's statements on the announcement.  One line troubled me.  Perhaps I'm just being way too sensitive and hormonal, or perhaps there's really something behind it.  What do you think?  In his statement, he said, "I have tried, always, throughout my ministry, to be faithful to the ideal of episcopal ministry.  If I have offended anyone in anyway, I am deeply sorry.  I apologize for any weaknesses on my part representing Christ in the Church worthily and effectively."

I don't know...upon revisiting it, perhaps I'm just being sensitive.  But does it sound like he's apologizing for evangelizing his faith?  Maybe it was just a sincere apology for any human mistakes.  But when I read it at the gym, it came across differently.

I guess I'll let that one go and just enjoy the fact that I may at some point soon, be able to attend a mass celebrated by Archbishop Chaput!


  1. Yay for a good u/s with good measurements and some reassuring news.

    I didn't get to see the press conference but my guess is that it was a general apology for any mistakes made and maybe a wink at the Grand Jury findings.

  2. I would make a comment on Rigali's statement...

    But I could not think anymore after the "while on the elliptical machine at the gym" ..... At 20 weeks?

    Good gravy woman, pregnancy is God's gift to us to get us out of formal exercise for several months (and I am a runner who does 1/2 marathons)! By 20 weeks I am done with everything except walking and prenatal yoga....

    You are a better woman than I!


  3. Congrats on a good ultrasound! I hope the previa becomes a non-issue. Will you post pics of Baby C? :)

    Re: Regali, my reaction is the same as yours. I think he meant "I apologize if my words weren't always charitable" but it came out wrong. I'm not a fan of apologizing for offending people because, frankly, Truth is offensive to a lot of people. That doesn't mean we should stop proclaiming it, just that we should be mindful to speak the Truth in love (something I am terrible at...)

  4. haha I'm like Carla, I was so focused on that part about being on the elliptical. hahaha. I'm lucky if I take a WALK. ;) go you!

  5. Hurrah! I found that c-sections can be a very holy and profoundly loving birth experience. (I was initially disappointed too). This little one is very loved and when he comes out into the world you and your husband are going to be so excited!

  6. I'm so glad you and baby are well! You're a brave women on the elliptical trainer!

  7. I'm 20 wks today too! So happy to hear all is well:))))

  8. I am SOOOOO excited about Chaput! We need him. I have high expectations he will "rub off" his amazing influence on his neighboring parishes! (i am giddy about this!)

  9. So glad to hear your good news regarding your u/s!!