Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Here's where I am

My room is somehwere in the back.
Some of you might know it to look more like this...

It was 118 the day I arrived.  Yesterday we had a massive sandstorm, then a monsoon.  Welcome to Phoenix, Nicole C!


  1. And I get to meet you TOMORROW!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You need to come back in January-February, when it's gorgeous. :)

  2. Yes, coming to Phoenix in the middle of the summer is sorta like going to the midwest in the middle of the winter. Except we can wear shorts and flip-flops and go swimming!

    See you in a few hours!! Yay!!!

  3. Is that camelback mountaIn? I miss phoenix! Have a great time! Geez though, 118 degrees....

  4. Ouchie! We've been to AZ in the summer and we will NEVER do that again! March is a much better time of year to visit (and not be cooked alive!).

  5. I was in Phoenix a few summers ago when DH had a conference there. It was CRAZY!! Drink TONS of water!! I know, that's super helpful. :)

  6. Let me explain: I'm no stranger to Phoenix! I have family here and actually lived here for a summer to do an internship. However, in the 2 months I was here, I NEVER saw 118!! But I did know what I was getting into when I planned the trip! :) But I've been here during other times of year too; November, February, etc. Love it!

    St. Rita - yes, it's Camelback! The pic was in fact taken from my aunt & uncle's neighborhood. The view out their back door is Camelback! Gorgeous!

    Nicole C
    (I'm having that Blogger sign-in issue. I think it's just on Internet Explorer. I usually use Chrome & have NEVER had this issue.)

  7. WHAATTTT 118!?!?? DANG!

    Hope you still have a great time there!

  8. Woah...I guess I should mentally prepare myself for when we go in August!

  9. I guess weather like that would keep me humble and in the confessional since I bet Hell is a lot hotter and would not be able to leave! :)

    I sure hope you enjoy your trip and stay cool!