Monday, July 25, 2011

Awww...An Abortionist Sob Story

Awww...this "poor, humble man."  At least that's the message you'd get reading this vomit-inducing Washington Post piece about murderer (late-term abortionist) Leroy Carhart.  It's so disgustingly sympathetic, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  It's the mainstream media.  Read the sob section, "From ashes, a mission."  After I vomited, I read this:
"Carhart, who once dreamed of becoming a hand surgeon, said he witnessed how abortions often went bad when he was a medical resident in Philadelphia in the 1970s. In emergency rooms, he saw women who had tried to self-abort with knitting needles and coat hangers. Many required serious surgery; some died."
So instead of actually helping these women by getting them post-abortion help and joining the pro-life cause to help women not have abortions in the first place, he decided to "help" them continue to kill their children unnaturally and with dangerous procedures and instruments??  Brilliant logic.  My husband commented, "If you are trying to abort your baby using sewing needles or coat hangers, isn't that a sign of mental illness [or at least desperation]?  Normal people wouldn't do that.  We shouldn't be facilitating crazy."  He should be getting these women real help.

Not to mention, the whole "coat hanger/back alley" argument is a total sham.  Before 1973, women got abortions in the same clinics they get them now - it's just that after Roe vs. Wade, the doctor was allowed to legally put the word "abortion" on his sign.  Oh, and remember this story?  How is this any safer than a back alley?  It's not like most abortion clinics are regulated any more than their "back alley" straw men!  And why, if the abortion lobby is so concerned with womens' health and safety, does it fight, tooth and nail, any abortion clinic regulation laws that are presented??  Hmmm...

Then there's this line:
"“I decided I wasn’t going to just be a provider, I was going to be an activist.”"
Oh what a passion for the cause!

And this quote, from an anonymous abortion provider:
"Abortion providers say they often feel isolated because of the stigma surrounding abortion..."
THE STIGMA?!?  Way to trivialize the murder of innocent children!!!  I don't think it's the stigma people are angry about!  It's the murdering!!  God help us.
"All the late abortions Carhart has done in Germantown have involved fetuses with anomalies, he said. One patient last week was just under 21 weeks pregnant; the fetus had spina bifida and would have been paralyzed from the navel down, he said."
Oohh...well clearly that baby is better off dead then.  What a compassionate man!  "Saving" a baby from paralyzation!  No one has ever lived a full life with that before!!  I mean, it's not like you can be paralyzed and the President of the United States or anything!  Oh, wait...

Not only does Carhart come across as some poor, targeted old man grandfather just trying to help women, but of course the pro-lifers are made to sound like they're lurking around corners waiting to jump out of the bushes with AK-47's pointed at this guy.  Let me tell you - I know the Maryland pro-life group and they are the humble ones.

The Maryland Coalition for Life recently opened a pro-life counseling center directly across the parking lot from Carhart's office - much like the Texas Coalition for Life that Abby Johnson fled to when she decided to leave PP.  They're living paycheck to paycheck just to pay the rent for this place, but they know it's what God has called them to do.  So if you can possibly help them out with a small donation, I know they'd be eternally grateful.  But as always, they need our prayers.  As the WaPo article states, this man who kills children at full-term is looking to train some new doctors, which would make the Coalition's job even harder. And with VA's amazing new abortion clinic regulation laws (Praise God!), patients will likely migrate to MD for their late-term abortions.

So please, pray for this organization and if possible, donate.  They're a group of amazing men & women putting themselves on the front lines to really help women.  And they need us.


  1. That is so disturbing. I'm glad our friend's son who has spina bifida wasn't "helped" by that doctor. Disgusting.

  2. SERIOUSLY nauseating. It's like when People Magazine put a picture of Carhart and his wife in a story about partial-birth abortion, and they had them sitting on their couch laughing while their little puppies were licking their faces! Just a good doctor and his family, enjoying the puppies!! No pictures of the flesh and bones full-term babies ripped to pieces in his office.

    Disgusting doesn't begin to cover it.

  3. "Vomit-inducing" doesn't even BEGIN to describe it. Ugh.

  4. this makes me sick. But I have to say, I love it when you get riled up ;)