Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Don't Have Kids in DC

Our nation's capital has the poorest public schools in the country in terms of performance. Ironically, it also spends the most on those same schools. So what could be going on? Prime example that shoveling more & more money into public schools (ala Hillary) is clearly not the answer. Money is not the motivator that Democrats would like you to think it is. It's pretty much just a vote-acquiring talking point for Dems. We'll raise taxes and give all the teachers' unions the money! Vote for me! But not only do the District's schools have poor performance, District Mayor Adrian Fenty called a press conference this week to announce that half the schools would not have proper textbooks for opening day nor would they have air conditioning. What?? What are they spending the money on?? Paying the teachers? Are they giving the athletic teams new uniforms? Nope...they spent it on land for remodeling and more buildings. Oh, of course. My question - do citizens of DC actually want MORE crappy schools built? Not that Maryland's are much better, but I'm glad I don't live in DC. Townhall has more.

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  1. This is an annual routine. Sometimes the schools open late because they aren't up to code. One more reason to privatize schooling.