Friday, January 10, 2014

Need some 3rd tri advice

So I've been here twice before, so I know how tough the third trimester can be, regarding uncomfortability, heartburn, sleeplessness, swelling, water retention....all that fun stuff.

But this past week has brought on a brand new symptom: emotional basketcaseness.  O.M.G.  I'm out of control lately.  I mean...crying at the drop of a hat, screaming at my poor kids (again, at the drop of a hat), etc.  I get this way every once in awhile when I'm running on VERY little sleep, but am able to get over it by, well, getting more sleep.  But I've been sleeping pretty well lately.

Has anyone ever experienced this?  Is it hormones?  Cabin fever (I did get out today and felt much better this afternoon, but I went to the gym yesterday and it was probably my worst day, so 6 of one...)?  General physical exhaustion?

It's true that the last 2 times I've gone through the third tri I haven't been keeping up with school and extra-curricular schedules AND chasing around a psychotic screaming toddler.  Maybe I'm just overextended??  Gah!!!  Thoughts??  And is there ANYTHING I can do???  Help!!!!


  1. Iron supplements. Seriously. I spent days and days crying nearly non-stop when pregnant with Peter, and felt constantly tired and shaky. My iron was borderline - not quite anemia but almost. So I started taking an OTC slow-release iron supplement and it really helped.

  2. Oh wow really?? Do you think I can just take them or should I consult my doc first? Like.... could it be dangerous to take too much?

  3. Hi lady- nice blog and congrats on the pregnancy! I would suggest asking your doctor about any supplements, of course, but I hear how important vit B is in maintaining overall mood stability (someone I know had to increase her intake for that reason). Also, I highly recommend exercise at least 5 x week. Releases dopamine, increases body's anti-inflammatory response, as you prob know- all kinds of healthy physical and physiological good stuff :)

    I'll also include the nagging, "eat more greens, omit junk food and sugar". That alone keeps the body and brain happier. :) Prayers for a smooth 3rd tri and delivery.

  4. Were your other pregnancies at different times of the year?? My third tri with DS was during the summer... sunny, happy, low key. I am REALLY struggling with a winter third tri. My anxiety levels are high and and I just prone to crying and worrying and paranoia. Total night and day. My vitamin D levels are actually good, but I am wondering if it's seasonal still. I've spent a lot more time in prayer to try to keep my sanity. Also, this is a girl instead of a boy so maybe... hormones are just different???

  5. (And interesting regarding the iron! Sadly, that's not *my* situation at least... iron levels are fantastic and have never been anemic. Was just checked last week. I wish I had an answer except to say, you aren't the only one!).