Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011, You Will Be Missed

Today is kind of a let-down.

This time last year I had just about hit IF-rock-bottom.  The holidays were over and my past 2 cycles had begun on both Thanksgiving Day AND Christmas Day.  Literally...ON both days!!  I had gone through more than 2 years of Creighton/NaPro with very few results and zero procedures.  Then I found out a close relative was expecting and I lost it.  I thought for sure I was being punished for something.

Then I gave up.  On the vicious cycle, at least.  Not on conceiving, thank God.  I metaphorically threw my NaPro chart out the window and then called my old ob/gyn.  I got an appointment with her on Jan. 4.  I gave her my background on what I'd been doing for the past 2 years, and she immediately scheduled an HSG for 3 weeks later.  During the HSG she found that my tubes were open, but that I had polyp on my uterus, so she scheduled surgery to remove it for 2 weeks later and said she could also "throw in" a laparoscopy.  That happened on Feb. 15.  Two days before I had made a pilgrimmage to St. Gianna.  Coincidence?

In the midst of all this, I was introduced to Leila and thus, this wonderful world of Catholic IF bloggers!  That cannot be overlooked when reflecting on 2011.  You ladies literally saved my sanity.  I don't know what I'd do without you!!  Thank you for welcoming me with open arms and for all of your advice and support!

Moving on.  Polyp successfully removed and no sign of endo, I went back for my post-op follow-up on March 3.  I was given a clean bill of health and told to "see what happens" for the next 3-6 months.  I hate the "wait and see" phases, but I was finally full of hope.

Well, turns out I didn't have to wait 3-6 months because before I even had a cycle, I got the BFP.  In the meantime, you all remember the dramatic potential adoption situation that was going on at the same time.

Then began the roller coaster.  I was praying feverishly to save the live of a baby I would either adopt or whose life would end in abortion, while reeling in the news that I was going to have one of my own!  Then the adoption situation ended tragically and a few weeks later we found out we were having twins!  Then of course the emotions of losing a twin, the stress of making sure the surviving baby kept surviving, and it's all history.

So it's been a year of ups and downs, but I can certainly conclude that overall it was a HUGE "up" because it all culminated in this:

Of course this precious bundle came into our lives just before Thanksgiving, making the holiday season exciting and special.  Mike was on paternity leave for the last 6 weeks (I jealous), then I just recently had a house full of family over Christmas.  We ended 2011 on the best note possible - welcoming our new baby into Christ's family on New Year's Eve (baptism pics to come soon!).  But family all left today and Mike goes back to work and Jack back to school on Tuesday.  Reality will finally begin again and I'll be forced to go it alone.  The exciting and special holiday season is just over, and 2011 has come to a close.  So was kind of a let-down.

The fact that all of these ups and downs happened to occur within one calendar year makes 2011 pretty special.  I went from rock bottom on Jan. 1 of last year, to the best day of my life on Nov. 19 of last year.  I experienced the worst and the best of my IF journey in a single year.

2011 came full circle.  It'll be tough to top.


  1. I'd say that is a pretty positive note to leave 2011 and start 2012. Happy New Year! And may 2012 be just as beautiful a year for you.

  2. 2012 is going to be wonderful as you watch Marshall grow and change! :) Happy (belated) baptism day to him as well!

  3. Wow, what a way to put all the ups and downs in one post! I remember it all! And, I am so glad you found the Catholic bloggers…. The best ladies ever!! What a precious face. Want to eat him up! 2012, as JoAnna said, is going to be amazing. :)

  4. You forgot meeting me! That was pretty great too! Hehe

  5. You witnessed me on a farm. I'm sure that's right up there with having Marshall, right? :)

  6. Wow--to read your story and see how it all played on in a single calendar year is just amazing. Congrats on your precious bundle! And don't write 2012 off just yet! It seems to me that God may just be getting started. :)

  7. I agree, what an amazing year for you! Full of ups and downs and ending with an amazing new little boy for your family. What a blessing! I wouldn't rule out more blessings in 2012!

  8. Nicole, God truly blessed you this year...God Bless you!! And I know you are going to be perfect "doing it alone" are a superwoman!! Happy New Years...O, you forgot to mention one of your highlights of 2011 was meeting me!! (hehehhe- kidding of course)

  9. Wishing you health and happiness in 2012!
    Such a sweet face!

  10. What a year!! Your steadfast faith has been an inspiration!! Praying that this new year brings you many blessings!!

  11. Your year was truly an intense year! I am so happy you were able to end it on such a high note. Praying 2012 is a wonderful year!