Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Morning in the Hospital

Thursday is my bio-physical day. They usually start at 10am but today's was at 9am.  For the first time ever, baby ornery didn't pass.  So they sent me up to labor & delivery and hooked me up to the monitor to measure his movements.  After about 10 minutes of just a few small movements he started going completely nuts!  I felt him, I saw my stomach moving, his movements were off the charts, and it was around 10am...the time of his usual bpp's.  So I was feeling pretty good.

However, the doc on call wanted to have my follow up bpp right away.  They usually do a follow up bpp 6-24 hours after the first one to give the baby time to rest and get moving again, so I thought it was weird that they wanted to do it so soon.  But hey, I'm not a doctor so I did what they said.  Well...HE FAILED AGAIN!!!  I guess he was so tired from performing earlier that he fell asleep again!

So the nurse told me that there was a possibility that if he failed his second bpp, they might talk about inducing me.  I DID NOT want that!!  I'm 36 weeks so I'm sure the baby would be fine, I'm just not a big fan of induction before the baby is ready to come on his own.  So they sent me BACK up to L&D, but before they hooked me up to the monitors again they called my doc.  Luckily she knows so much about me that she said she wasn't concerned enough to induce, but she does want to start having 2x/week bpps.  ARGH!

I'm glad they're being so cautious, but I'm really frustrated since I don't think they waited long enough for my follow-up bpp, which could have made a huge difference.  Oh well.  I guess we'll see how it goes!

On the flip side, I was exactly a month from my official due date YESTERDAY!!  I can't believe it!  But I really don't think I'm going to be anywhere close to it.  I had a little labor scare a couple of nights ago with some contractions and nausea but I'm blaming braxton hicks and Halloween candy.  He just has to hold out 2 more weeks so Mike's paternity leave extends through December!!  C'mon buddy!  Hang in there for mom!  :)


  1. Oh man!!! Come on little guy!!! And I cannot BELIEVE you are 36 weeks!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!! Where has the time gone???

  2. How is it possible that you are that far along already?!!! I'm so excited for you. I hope your doc continues to let you cook your little guy as long as he's safe. Wow, it'll be here before you know it!!!

  3. I only understood part of what you wrote. What is bio-physical day in terms of pregnancy. What is bpp? I don't know these pregnancy terms because I have not been pregnant or I missed something.

    In any case, wishing you well.

  4. Hi Lena! Thanks for the comment! Sorry...I've posted about it before so I just assume people know what the heck I'm talking about!

    Bio-physical profile (or bpp) is a specific kind of ultrasound that measures fluid, fetal movement, fetal tones, and breathing. The baby has to get a score of 8/8 in order to "pass." If he doesn't pass they send me to labor & delivery for further screening. Luckily while I was on the monitor in L&D he moved a lot so the doc eventually released me. Hope this helps! And thanks again for hopping over to my blog! :)

    Thanks Lauren & SC! I know...can you believe it's 36 weeks already?? I remember being so anxious for 10 weeks!!! Crazy!!

  5. Oh, good, I was worried when I heard you were in the hospital. My 3 yo was born at 36 weeks and she was fine - I know you hear that and it doesn't really keep you from worrying anyway. Hang in there Mom and Baby!

  6. Wow, so close!! I hope you hang in there (well, that he does) until at least two more weeks! Whoo hoo!!!

  7. My son was a 36-weeker too; perfectly healthy at birth. I hope baby stays put for a few more weeks for you, though! (I'm hoping my baby will be born close to his/her due date for the same reason!) Glad everything looks okay.

  8. Nicole, thanks for the explanation. Are fetal tones the heartbeat? It sounds like baby has to perform in his own little gym class.

    It's my understanding that a baby releases a hormone that starts labor.

  9. Oh wow! So glad that you didn't have to be induced! Praying for you.

    P.S. Can't believe you are so close to your due date!!

  10. It is so amazing that you are not far from having your baby. I feel like I just started in on the blogging community and already I have blogged through almost an entire pregnancy. I hope your little one hangs in there and you too!

  11. Have you considered declining the BPPs based on the fact that you do have so much baby activity? One intervention increases your chance of all the other interventions... Childbirth Connection is a phenomenal website which evaluates the research on common practice in pregnancy/birth/postpartum and looks at what is effective, what is not, and what is downright dangerous. We used the book that is the offshoot of this at university and in clinical practice. Well worth having a look for anyone interested in pregnancy and birth! The link I placed there is the "Best Evidence" summary page on induction of labour. Failed BPP doesn't fall under the reasons for induction that improve outcome...

  12. And here is what they are actually checking, broken down, in the biophysical profile. Hope it helps!

  13. Last one!!
    The chapter from Effective Care including BPP (5.5)
    Summarizes it nicely...

  14. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for all the great info! The reason for all of my bpp's is due to my history. I lost a twin early on and then had placenta previa, so my doc is just being super careful. They're not interventions, just precautions!

    I am very against early induction except in emergencies and would have fought it had the docs recommended it yesterday. Luckily none of the docs did (only a nurse said it was a possibility).

    My doc knows me and my history well, and is extremely on top of things. I don't think she ever had any intention of inducing me based on the failed bpp...I was just being prepared in case another one of the docs on call mentioned it!

    Thanks again and I'll check out your links!