Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marshall's first week

Marshall had a busy first week since he was born the weekend before Thanksgiving!  Here are some shots of the excitement!  (Birth story to follow soon, once I get some sleep!  It was an emotional roller coaster that kept me in the hospital for five days!  No worries - everyone was healthy.  Will document soon!)

Hello world!

So many lights!


Baby's biggest fan!

Heading home from the hospital

Pretty much all I do!

Best Thanksgiving ever

So snuggly
I am one undeserving lady.


  1. Oh my goodness, he is precious!!! I love the "argh" photo! Their little faces are so funny. What a blessing to your family Nicole! I bet your son is over the moon to have a baby brother! God is so good.

  2. I love them all!! Haha more more!! I especially love the one of your two boys...that is the most precious thing I've ever seen!!!!

  3. Precious! He is so adorable and I bet his big brother is soooo excited... Waiting for the birth story.

  4. So snuggly? So cute! I can't wait to hear the 5 day birth story. I am so glad you are all doing well :)

  5. So glad all is well! Love the pictures!!

  6. What a beautiful little boy. Funny I thought I had left a comment here but I guess I hadn't. Looking forward to hearing more about how you are doing with two to look after. I heard it is much harder :)