Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prayer buddy reveal

First let me just say thank you for all the love and support I got in my last post...even from Miss G!!  Thanks, Gwen...it was an honor to have you comment on my blog!  :)  I am humbled by all of your prayers!

It's about time I let you know who I was praying for over the last 40 days!  Honestly, I probably wasn't the best prayer buddy this Lent since I was pretty physically ill for most of it (see last post!), but please know, prayer buddy, that I offered up every bout of nausea, every dizzy spell, and every exhausted stumble out of bed just for you and your precious unborn baby.  I admittedly wasn't as good about my daily rosary as I'd have liked to be, but I hope you felt my offerings nonetheless!

My prayer buddy this Lent was...........Megan at Heart of St. Monica!!!  I've been following Megan's blog through some trying times and was thrilled to be able to offer up my "sufferings" for her intentions!  I was also thrilled because she's from my home state and I hope to be able to meet her when I go back home this summer! :)  So, Megan, I hope my prayers were felt!

I also just learned that Lisa at Cheerfully Chaotic was praying for me.  To say this was an honor is the understatement of the century!  Thanks for everything, Lisa!  Apparently you have some powerful prayers...you got me through a lot!  God bless!


  1. Megan is one of my great friends! I hope to meet you when you come to Indiana this summer!!

  2. aaaggh, just reading your news! Congratulations!!

  3. Yeah we are ALL coming to the farm. Right Julie? :)

  4. Nicole, I cannot thank you enough for your prayer and intentions! I felt them! :) I seriously had the most fruitful Lent I have ever had!

    And hooray for blogger meet ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am all about it!! When are you coming?