Monday, January 21, 2008


My husband and I are officially boycotting Super Bowl XLII, and it's not even because my beloved Colts are not in it. It's mainly because it is the media's dream-come-true Super Bowl. New York vs. Boston?? What's not to love?!? UGH! Spare me. First of all, I'm sure you all know my animosity towards New England. But they have had the easiest road to an undefeated season and to the big game that is humanly possible. 1) No injuries; 2) Poor strength of schedule (their conference was one of the worst in the AFC, therefore everyone they played twice during the regular season was pathetic. Including Miami, who was 0-for for a LONG time!); 3) In all of their would-be difficult games, the opposing team had at least one major injury...this includes their AFC Championship game against San Diego where QB Philip Rivers was playing injured and RB Ladanian Tomlinson didn't play at all!

Second of all - Tom Brady is the most overrated QB in the NFL. If he played for any other team, he would be known for the true QB he really is (the 3 INT one he proved to be the other night). Watch him - all he does is throw lollipop jump passes to his receivers who push off and out-jump their defender. I can recall perhaps one strategic, talented, acurate pass he has ever thrown. He also has a pretty good line to thank for making him look good. I'm so sick of all the hype!

Then there are the Giants. Yes, I'm a Peyton Manning fan. But my adoration for the Manning ends there. NOT a fan of little brother Eli, mainly since his I-don't-want-to-play-for-San-Diego draft fiasco. They ended their regular season at 10-6 - a pathetic record for even making the playoffs. One that does not deserve a trip to the Super Bowl. But perhaps I'm just jealous that his older brother isn't going.

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  1. Tom Brady was seen yesterday bringing flowers to his girlfriend (no, not the woman he had a baby with) in a walking cast. Is a Randy Moss marijuana-related traffic stop next? We can only hope.